About The Bitter and Sweet

We are a collaborative team who have spent years doing all sorts of things. Owning businesses, being parents, being consumers and working in the marketing field. And we LOVE all things marketing. We like to high five each other when someone just gets it right and admonish the disasters we see almost every single day.

But this website  isn’t about us, it’s about “you”. It’s about making your business better. Or, better yet, how we can push you kicking and screaming down a path of clear-thinking and marketing objectives. You can choose to just read “The Bitter” – fair warning, it’s not filtered at all! It’s truly the “down and dirty” of what many businesses are doing. Hopefully the shock of it all will shake you into reality to see if you’re making the same mistakes. Or, you can read “And Sweet” – a tad easier on the self-esteem perhaps, but also providing some solutions you can put into play immediately. We recommend you read them both!

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