Hire Good People – Easier Said Than Done?

bitterJust had an AWESOME experience at King’s Dominion in Virginia on Sunday {dripping with sarcasm in case you missed it}. Seriously…I am not sure if it’s the hiring process or the potential employee pool, but c’mon – this part is NOT rocket science…companies need to really think about the people that they’re putting in “We are what we repeatedly do.customer facing positions. And this goes for ALL companies. Pointing out King’s Dominion is simply because this was a recent experience. And maybe you’re thinking – what in the world does this have to do with marketing….oh, silly goose…EVERYTHING! Think about your own experiences as a consumer. When you have a great experience what do you do? When you have a mediocre experience what do you do? And, heaven forbid, if you have a terrible experience what do you do??? DUH – You talk about it anywhere and EVERYWHERE – social media, in person with friends – EVERY. WHERE. Your employees will have access and interaction with hundreds or even thousands of your customers…how many will you talk with?? If the experience in your business isn’t the same as what you’re marketing it will be – DISASTER!

In good times and in bad – your company needs to depend on people who can get the job done. Test employees – OFTEN (think secret shoppers). You need to know how your employees act when you’re not around! Also, your employees need information – the more the better. Sure – they aren’t going to remember everything…but repeated often enough much will sink in! Make sure you’re clear about the company story, the objectives and goals – brief them weekly (at least) on any specials, etc. And if you’re experiencing some PR “issues” – make sure they’re aware on what they should say. With the age of cameras on phones, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Get rid of a bad employee immediately. No excuses. Do not let them spoil any others (and they will try!)

One employee can not only cost you thousands in wages – they could cost you even more in future business.

sweetEmployees are truly your best asset in running your business. Good employees free up your time to focus on the future and growing your business. But, like a plant, you must constantly cultivate and feed your employees. Highlighting great employees will give others a path to follow. Immediately taking action when  employees aren’t doing what you asked will also help those “on the fence” to tow the company line. And let them know what marketing initiatives you’re taking – so they can reinforce this to all the customers they serve each day.

We know it’s not easy – and takes some time – but, in the end, if you’re “Slow to hire, Quick to fire” your customers will thank you!

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