Is Your Marketing Person Too Important to Take Calls?

bitterIf you are savvy and successful enough to hire someone to handle your marketing but they won’t take calls, then save your money and fire their ass.  This truly means that the person you hired is simply repeating whatever marketing strategies you already have in place and are bringing nothing to the table.  If that’s what you’re looking for in your marketing person – then okay. However, just because someone tells you that they have worked in marketing doesn’t mean they are good at it.

What do you call the marketing agent who graduated last in their class?…. A waste of money!! Want to hear a ridiculous story?  We contacted a local furniture store to offer ad placement.  The receptionist said they use a PR company for their marketing. (Don’t even get me started about the PR vs. Marketing debate!) After explaining why we were calling and then asking for the name of the PR company, she said she wasn’t comfortable giving out that information. Wah..? Seriously? Freakin’ idiots – all of you!  This is the company you hired! You are PAYING them. It’s their JOB to decide whether a certain vehicle is a good fit for your stupid company… your gatekeeper doesn’t have to PROTECT them from their job!

If your marketing person is not bringing you at least one cool, new marketing idea a week then they’re asleep at the wheel.

A true marketing professional will assess your past efforts, make improvements and create or suggest sweetnew ways to advertise going forward. (Even if you have suggested otherwise.) It’s fine to have your tried-and-true methods but new opportunities come up all the time and you need to stay current. Ask your marketing staff to report to you each month about new options they have discovered, as well as keeping track of existing campaigns. If you encourage ingenuity, you’ll get better results. At the same time, make sure you’re not confusing graphic arts skills with marketing skills. Be careful what you pay for – a PR firm definitely has a different role to a marketing firm. Make sure you understand that difference and get what you need. The big lie is that PR is free marketing…not true…you are paying somewhere! And finally, if you don’t have a marketing department, but want one that’s affordable – give us a call 240.575.6866 – we’ll always call you back if we don’t answer!

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