So You Booked Yourself a Booth Space

bitterSo, you’ve gone and done it now! You’ve committed. And maybe you should BE committed! Booking yourself a booth space at a local event is a great first step. Now, what are you going to do with it? We’ve been hosting and attending events for years and here are some basics:

  1. Hey Num-nut – stand up! When a client asks if chairs are included in their booth space, I want to scream! (No, they aren’t! And if you’re smart, you’ll never sit down at an event!)
  2. What the hell are you trying to achieve? Booking the space is only half of it – now you need an objective. Want some email addresses for your database? Want people to like you on social media? What’s your goal?
  3. Make eye contact and actually greet people as they pass. Yeah – consumers are skeptical and don’t want to talk with you. That’s life. Get over it and be assertive (not aggressive). Simply say “Hi, how are you today?” Surprisingly, many people will stop (or slow down) when you speak with them. If they do, make sure the next words you utter are compelling.
  4. Promote the event. Yeah, it’s the event planners job to promote the event and bring people to it. But you should be promoting it as well. Tell your current friends/clients/family where you’re going to be and what you’ll be doing. If everyone brings 10 people to an event imagine the success you’ll have!
  5. Plan your space. Throwing some brochures on your table or simply handing out your business card is not going to garner you measurable results. Think about how much space you have and what you can do to showcase your business to the people attending the event. Think of it as your little “pop up shop” for the day. And for the love of Pete – do not have handwritten signs on your table!

sweetThink of the event like a full on marketing boot camp. You should be exhausted after the fact. Immediately after, you should think about the things you did well and how you can improve for next time. Follow up with potential clients/customers immediately after the event. Consider what you achieved and attach a value to it. Then equate that to what you invested.

If you have booked a space and want help telling your story – please let us know. It’s what we do! 240.575.6866.

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