The Good and Bad of Social Media

social mediaToday, social media is like the website of fifteen years ago. Many people are “dabbling” in social media because they know they have to (and you absolutely do)! However, doing social media poorly is definitely worse than not doing it at all.

There are many tips to becoming a social media “guru.” The first, is to never call yourself a “guru”! But here are three things you absolutely must implement to succeed.

1. Be consistent. Posting too often, or not often enough yields the same results. We recommend a maximum of 3 postings per day on Facebook and 4-6 on Twitter & Instagram. You Tube should be limited to once per day. Utilize scheduling tools (like Hootsuite) to help you plan out your social media interactions. However, you need to be an active component on your streams – so check them often so you can reply to comments and feedback.

2. Be strategic. Plan your messaging. Get a calendar. Post with Purpose. Definitely integrate your social media messages with a schedule of sorts. For instance, if you’re in retail – make sure your online messaging coincides with things happening in your store (sales and promotions). Or if you’re a service – be sure you’re talking about things on social media that make sense seasonally (a tutoring company posting about exam help in plenty of time to help BEFORE the test).

3. Be mindful. Take a moment to think about your post BEFORE it’s live. Does it serve a purpose? Is it informational? Does it make sense? And, most importantly, does it reinforce your brand the way you’d want it? Watermark your images with your logo. Make sure your images are colorful & look professional (even if they’re not).

And please, if you’re a restaurant – do NOT post images of your food like this:

food shot 1

Bacon wrapped Mickey, perhaps??

food shot 2

How about some bland with a side of cheap crackers??

food shot 3

I’ll have the burnt cheese on potato skins, please!

Our suggestion: you’re better off (and better served) posting images of people having fun at your establishment or a cool shot of the menu or better yet a cool drink on a hot day (and vice versa). But photos like above aren’t doing you any favors!


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