We’re Not Interested

_If you do what you've always done,bitter“Not interested.” Click. Wow, really?

As a business owner, please do not allow your receptionist or non-marketing person to pass on this information to someone calling on your business. It’s insulting and quite frankly makes you look like an ass-hat. (Yeah, I said “ass-hat.”)

This action is even more annoying & frustrating when no one has bothered to know what the call is about. Are you seriously leaving decisions like that to your receptionist?? Nothing against the lovely “gate-keepers” who always answer phones in such a pleasant and efficient manner. [Sarcasm dripping – did you get that?] However, if your company has these lovelies making business decisions – what are you doing? (Or better yet – why even bother paying a marketing person?)

But this “not interested” retort is even more annoying after having already spoken with someone about marketing opportunities or even after going through and pitching ideas or even after presenting a proposal. Get on the damn phone and explain your decision. Don’t be a chicken-shit… talk to marketing agents and learn about the options being offered. And then give the caller a Yes or No answer. You should definitely NEVER say, “We’ll call you if we’re interested.” Click (Because we all know this is BS straight up – the ol’ “Don’t call us, we’ll call you”.)

So, why the hell are you “not interested”? We’re grown-ups. We can handle it. Give it to us straight. What is it really? Your business is too good for us? You don’t buy your marketing over the phone? Tell the people who have taken the time to actually follow up why you’re “not interested”. Every time someone says “not interested”  I want to follow up with – what, not interested in reaching your perfect market at an affordable price? Saying “not interested” after you’ve heard what’s on offer sometimes makes you sound like you don’t understand what we’re talking about. However, providing clear reasons on why you can’t participate may help us to set you straight! 😉 We get it. Not all things for all people. And sometimes, what is being offered is just not a good fit. Or not good timing. Or something valid. However, simply saying “We’re not interested” doesn’t help anyone. Try to elaborate. Maybe you haven’t actually thought about it but simply wanted to get off the phone or not have any further confrontation. Talking the reason through is always a good thing (for all involved).


Okay Mr. “I’m too busy and important to talk right now”. (Oh, wait, this is supposed to be “The Sweet”, my bad!) If you dismiss opportunities without all of the information, you are definitely missing out on valuable options.  Our natural instinct when we don’t understand something is to simply reject it.  A similar example – we talked with a friend who said, “The first time I asked my young daughter if she wanted to go to a bounce house, she said ‘no.’  Huh?!  But once I explained to her what it was, she couldn’t get there fast enough.”

It’s fine to take charge of your schedule, but respect the other person’s efforts as well.  If you don’t have time to talk at that moment, schedule a time to reconnect within the same business week.  If you say that email is best, then answer the email either way.  Also, understand that a good marketing sales representative will continue to call you until they get a clear answer, which may be how you should approach your sales efforts as well (if you’re not, you should!).  People who believe in their product will consistently try to sell it.  Keep suggesting to others that they should shop with you, explain the benefits of your products or services and ask them to purchase.  There are very few businesses who don’t need to advertise, so unless you are at full capacity all the time, it’s just not rational to be uninterested in marketing.

“If you’re looking for the next big thing, and you’re looking where everyone else is, you’re looking in the wrong place.” – Mark Cuban

Take it from Mr. Cuban – the coolest ideas are sometimes the one’s no one is yet doing. But I can guarantee you that if you don’t listen to some of these ideas, you’ll never know!

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