If I had a dollar for every business who didn't have a dollar for marketing, I'd be rich!

The Zero Dollar Marketing Budget

All too often we hear clients say, “I don’t have a budget for marketing.” How is that possible? Well, articles like this one are quite dangerous to the new business owner. Let’s breakdown each component one by one. This article starts by saying, “Before we go into free customer acquisition strategies, you fundamentally NEED to[…]

_If you do what you've always done,

We’re Not Interested

“Not interested.” Click. Wow, really? As a business owner, please do not allow your receptionist or non-marketing person to pass on this information to someone calling on your business. It’s insulting and quite frankly makes you look like an ass-hat. (Yeah, I said “ass-hat.”) This action is even more annoying & frustrating when no one[…]