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bitterEvent planning is an art. Not only do you have to think about themes, objectives and outcomes, you have to actually think about people – all kinds of people. From the people who will attend – to sponsors, vendors, volunteers and performers. It takes wearing lots of hats and being super-bad-ass at multi-tasking. One of the things we’ve learned over the years is how to satisfy all of these people. It came from making mistakes – lots of them. Mistakes can cost you a small fortune (we’ve been there). So having someone on “your team” to help you avoid making those mistakes is key. Whether you’re trying to attract 500 or 10,000 attendees – we’ve done it.

sweetContact our team. We can help you. We can do everything from running the whole show – to simply being a sounding board and consultant-friend to help you brainstorm the idea and work out the kinks. We can help you put together sponsorship & vendor packages that make sense to the sponsors and vendors (which, in turn, will make your event more successful). We can help with marketing – on a very large, or very small budget. We can sell packages on your behalf and reach out to hundreds of clients on our books who’d love to set up a booth space (for a fee, of course!) We can help to put together day of event logistics where we think about everything from load-in to tear-down.

Here are some key things to think about:

  • We need time. Don’t call us two weeks before your event to help you.
  • We need specifics. Make sure you’re clear about what you may or may not want us to do.
  • We need numbers. From attendance, to monetary. Goals will help us to help you.

Contact our team:
240.575.6866 | info@thebitterandsweet.com

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