Great Ads #1

greatThe Bitter: We love when an ad just gets it right. And, yes, of course the national companies that have millions to spend seem to have a “leg up” on the average Joe. They spend tons on research, hiring consultant after consultant and follow the trends. Plus, they can spend a fortune on actors and set design, scripts and directors.

And Sweet: But it isn’t always about the money. As The Bitter and Sweet moves into the future, we’ll definitely be pointing out the “misses” as well as the “hits” (both locally and nationally). To us, it’s just as important to see what went wrong and learn from it as it is to try to duplicate things that go right. You don’t need millions to make an impact. The big, national companies are all starting to realize that truth sells just as much (if not more) than the imagined or the Hollywood.

Why is this ad so good? To us, the fact that the entire ad is about everything other than cereal just works. The ad raises a tough truth about how women view themselves. The fact that women are in charge of over 1 TRILLION dollars in consumer spending is surely not lost on Kellogg’s. It’s real life. Women can relate.

Now, how can you make this sort of impact with your business? Think about when a customer compliments your business. They are telling you what went well – what is working for them. Figure out a way to take that one step further in your marketing – your social media – your website. Can you record the testimonial? Can you duplicate that feeling for other customers? If you can – success is just around the corner!

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